Re(a)d Meat: Top 10 Signs you are a Christian Fundamentalist

Thanks to R. Olsen for this. Now, let’s talk: 10 – You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of gods


I’m not sure the Criterion of Contrary Tendency explains Luke’s use of Elijah/Elisha as much as Farrer/Mimetic does

I’m in the middle of my break between drafts so I am catching up on reading, both personal and for

Song of Solomon

Thinking of doing a new thesis… Singing Solomon’s Song: The Deuteronomist’s Sexual Ethics

That’s just a working title. I wouldn’t want to spend a month or so on it, since I am doing

Religion and Politics

79 children sex slaves…. where?

The FBI, working alongside state and local authorities across the U.S., rescued 79 minors being held as sex slaves, the

Religion and Politics

Tennessee just affirmed their belief in the theory of evolution

How? Spurred by a classroom demonstration involving a sex toy, Tennessee recently enacted a pro-abstinence sex education law that is


Does the Historical Jesus exist without Q?

While reading Mark Goodacre’s book pictured to the right, something stood out that I sorta wanted to do a blog