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Anti-Catholic Bigotry knows no bounds

I have a confession to make. I am not Catholic, but I am not anti-Catholic – I’m just not Catholic

Gender Issues

Stop Reading Fashion Magazines – Read da’ Bible

Now, before you go all crazy on me, let me just point out Deborah, Yael, Song of Solomon, Ruth, Esther,

Publications and Papers

Blogging my book – Done with the first draft!

Woot! Even got the conclusion done – which is no more than right sentences. I had projected 75,000 words. At


Speaking of Science and the Farrer Theory…

In the last chapter of my book, I dissect Q, Burkett, and the Farrer theories using an evaluation process that


Accelerated Christian Education textbooks use the Loch Ness to prove Young Earth Creationism

From the Scotland Herald: One ACE textbook – Biology 1099, Accelerated Christian Education Inc – reads: “Are dinosaurs alive today? Scientists


Is there or should their be a Farrer Section/Seminar at SBL?

I tend to think so. Sure, it might go better at the International SBL, but I do think that maybe