Religion and Politics

David Duke.

David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, has announced his support for Charles Barron, an African-American and


Wisdom of Solomon is Against Carrier’s Eschatological Isaiah 53

Before I was invested so heavily with Mark, I was a huge fan of the Wisdom of Solomon. Reading through

Dead Sea Scrolls

11QMelchizedek (11Q13)

Col. 1out Moses “Indeed, i holy  Lev 25:12Col 2 1  sk m  2 And as for what he said, “In


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Religion and Politics

Does this mean that when the Healthcare Mandate is thrown out, Chris Matthews will be able to drop the F-bomb?

This is the case’s second trip to the Supreme Court in three years. Initially, Fox and ABC fought their fines


Exact opposite of Jim West

Jim is really funny and a teddy bear… People just misunderstand him

Dead Sea Scrolls

Thom Stark buries Richard Carrier – 11QMelchizedek (11Q13)

This second part of my response to Richard Carrier will deal essentially with the interpretation of three texts: Daniel 9:24-27,