Gospel Criticism

The real answer to the Synoptic Problem

The Gospel of Mark was the first draft of a doctoral candidate’s dissertation. He submitted it to his advisor who


Aristotle on the Poet as Creator

For this reason poetry is something more scientific and serious than history, because poetry tends to give general truths while

Religion and Politics

Ron Paul is a slave now.

STEIN: A bit of a personal question then, are you on Social Security? Do you get Social Security checks? PAUL:


I fear that @PastorMark is the one with the sexual demons

“Mark started the meeting by telling us he was convinced that I had demons,” says Amy, “and then he went

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Is this my chance (and yours) to be published with @IVPress? (@adriannawright)

The link is here, although I haven’t found anything yet about the contest. I have one in mind, as part


Happy Birthday, Mother West Virginia

I was discussing the spiritualness of being in West Virginia with someone yesterday. There is something about this state. I’ve