John Piper – It’s a sin not to be Calvinist

“It’s sin not to like the true doctrine of election. It’s sin not to like what God likes.” So states


June 1 Biblioblog Carnival 2012: South Park Edition

The Biblioblog Carnival is up, and it was written by Rod’s future self (yes, another SP reference, I’ll leave it

Religion and Politics

Far Right on the Rise in France

President Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party appears well aware of the growing threat posed by Marine Le Pen.. On Monday it

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Resources regarding the recent study of Gay Parenting

As reported today in various news outlets: “A new study finds that adult children of parents in same-sex relationships fare


How to pray the Rosary

Figured that this could serve two purposes. First, for those who are mystified by it, you could see what is


Moderating my stance on scriptura scripturam interpretar – Creation and the Historical Adam

Not completely, you understand, because to arrive at Scripture, you must first use the catholic* Tradition of determining the Canon,

Society and Religion

Burnside Books, because some books are too Christian to be read by Christians

If The Lord of the Rings were submitted as a book proposal today, no Christian publisher would touch it. It’s


Orthodox Advice on Learning German

Thanks to Ken for this… The problem with learning any new language is that it isn’t just one thing to