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I’ve got a present for all of my blogger friends

Merry Zombiemas (or N.T. Wrightmas?)


Quote of the Day – Heresies

Gotta think about this one a while When the old Liberals removed the gags from all the heresies, their idea


Goodacre on the “extraordinary question”

Dr. Goodacre has done an absolutely marvelous job on this issue of the evidence for Jesus. He is dead on:


Don’t beat up on Creflo Dollar

Ugh… But then again, sin to Dollar is not having a Cadillac… Creflo Dollar Jr., renowned megachurch pastor, was arrested


No, al-Assad is not the Antichrist and Joel is not a theologian

Joel Richardson has a new theory out… That the leader of Syria is the Antichrist: Far too many prophecy teachers