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John Howard Yoder on Zwingli’s Pacifism (Kinda)

There are a lot of dilettantes and pseudo-theologians from the Reformed Tradition who have argued online and in their publications


Jim’s correct… Start reading the bible in German

For those who will be joining us next week to start our online German learning group, make sure you get

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You are missing great free ebooks if you don’t have a Kindle

Oh? You doubt the great and powerful Oz? Brazos Press June Ebook Specials (One is Free Today!).


Resources and Answer Key for Learning German Quickly – First Google+ Hangout 14 June

Thanks to the person who sent me this. Some of us, several of us, are planning a weekly get together

John Wesley

Darth Vader as a /sign/ of the Prevenient Grace

George Lucas was raised a Methodist and it seems that Star Wars is nothing but, as a wise man once