Facebook needs your money (A Plea From Mark Zuckerberg, and not the ‘Not Guilty’ one that is soon coming)

Saw this floating around Friendster, er, Myspace, I mean Facebook MENLO PARK, CA (The Borowitz Report) – The following letter

Christian Education

Should Seminaries teach Science and Faith courses? You betcha

Seminaries need to engage with science on issues like “origins” because they need to equip pastors with a sophisticated worldview


Mark Goodacre sums up pretty well how literalists and mythicists get the Text wrong

However, the real problem with this kind of work is that it fails to take seriously the nature of the


The Millenary Petition and why it’s important to women ministers

I’m currently writing a paper on KJV Onlyism and came across the Millenary Petition which supposedly was the initiator for