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Wow… I am speechless

Oh, and I’ve been accepted in Dr. McGrath’s Dr. Who project…


How did I miss this Oscar winning piece from J.P. Holding?

Oh my…. this is funny. HT – JK from Real World Charleston


I don’t think John Loftus knows how to read

John, in his use berating and disgusting tone, has weighed in to say, one more time, that he has quit.

Religion and Politics

We can blame Protestantism for destroying traditional marriage

It wasn’t until the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century that the recording of marriages and establishing of rules for


Maurice Casey’s essay on the Myth of Carrier

The presentation of this view has changed radically in recent years, led by hopelessly unlearned people. It has two major


R. Joseph Hoffmann takes on Carrier

This essay is in part an attempt to clarify procedural issues relevant to what is sometimes called the “Christ-myth” or

Gospel Criticism

But, but… ain’t no Synoptic Problem

Newly minted Dr. Carlson has a nice link up. Synoptic Problem Website: Overview of Proposed Solutions. Go with Farrer-Goulder-Goodacre. (Yes,


Stephanie Louise Fisher owns Richard Carrier

Carrier follows the religious bias of amateurs as greedily as he does his own mistaken prejudices, rather than relying on