John Loftus, Quitter

Our good friend, John Loftus, has declared that since he had made no head way in his war on Christianity,


Sounds like a great new interdisciplinary field to work in

It’s called ]]. It is about connecting the dots from the Big Bang until today. Ed posted this on Facebook


The picture of why Evangelical theology fails

You get it, don’t you?


I’m not sure Ken Ham understands basic biology @aig

Of course, biology could be of the devil if it challenges your opinion, but anyway, Ham has gone ape over


Liberals Can’t Be Christians? I did not know that?

But let’s define the terms first. The term “liberal” really refers to a person whose primary interpretive authority of reality


Richard Bart Carrier Ehrman

Jim has posted some of it, in response to Bart’s failure to respond properly here. Seems that Prof. Ehrman thinks