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Shorter University loses Staff over Prying Creed

Dozens of faculty and staff at a Georgian Christian academic institute are resigning over a statement from school officials in

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Bishop Willimon on #GC2012 – Grand Slam

While General Conference dithered, the Council of Bishops drastically reorganized, streamlined and economized our work, realigning ourselves to lead vital

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Now, that’s a job I’d like


How dare Mark Shea be right about Protestantism

My friend said he realized “I can be a Protestant or a Christian, but I could not be both anymore.” 

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Blogging my book: Should I…

Should I include the English translation of the major passages? I use Josephus a lot, but I am only using

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Now, that is a famine

So, cannibalism wasn’t enough… No, the inhabitants of Jerusalem turned to something else…  They also invented terrible methods of torments to