In the Mail: The Teavangelicals: The Inside Story of How the Evangelicals and the Tea Party are Taking Back America

This is from Amazon Vine program. The Teavangelicals is a one-of-a-kind book chock-full of original reporting from the 2012 presidential


Refutation – Thom Stark Style

Richard Carrier has confidently stated that in some of the comments on his blog he has “refuted” “most” of my critique of

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Israel set to decide U.S. Presidential Election

What? How is that possible… well… Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling early elections so that he and his

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Only in Canada is a t-shirt about Jesus hate speech

A Canadian high school student was suspended for a week because wore a t-shirt promoting his Christian beliefs and he

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Say, about those choices in the grocery store?

If you think that’s bad, you should see who owns the media outlets in the country who donates the most

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(My 2nd) Book Announcement: From Fundamentalism to Faith: Essays in Crisis, Transition and Conversion (2013)

I, along with a friend of mine and fellow journeyer, will be editing a book featuring a collection of essays relating

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A Message for #GC2012

This is from ]], our pastor of parish life at Christ Church. She posted it this morning on FB, and


Joss Whedon assembles the #Avengers right

My son, a friend of ours, and I went to see the Avengers movie (3-d) last night at the midnight