Could it be that Simcha is wrong? Could it be?

I’d say yes. Maybe it’s me, but I’m funny about words. In terms of your work, April, on Early Christology

Religion and Politics

McGraw-Hill’s 4th Grade Standardized Testing SOURCES WIKIPEDIA

No, I’m not kidding:

Society and Religion

Oh dear… now we know why John works with Simcha

because he can photoshop really well! and…. This is a rather silly attack and shows that the current meltdown at

Society and Religion

The War on Christianity in the US and UK – More Churches Opening than Closing

First, the UK – that godless bastion of Europe: Angl- ican Bap- tists Indep. Meth- odist New churches Pente- costal

Religion and Politics

Yeah… about Israel and Christians in its borders

The Israeli government has long tried to suggest that the emigration of Christian Palestinians is the result of a “jihad”

Society and Religion

Show Le Donne your support

Brian F. on FB suggested this. It’s a good idea. It is, what, 2 bucks over the price of a

Society and Religion

Good News! The Jesus Conference is moving from Lincoln Christian University

See here: Dear Friends, As Anthony Le Donne’s colleague, co-editor, and co-organizer for the conference, let me say that I’m

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Dear kind person

Dear kind person who sent me the Amazon Gift Card. THANK YOU.