Can we ever dream again?

I grew wanting to be an astronaut…. HT to A. Bevere via FB

Society and Religion

The Real Associated Producers, LTD – An ax to grind?

I just posted something, but the Associated Producers was the wrong associated producers. My bad. I apologize. I also have


Book Announcement: Jesus the Messiah @kregelbooks

It is not yet ready to order, but it looks interesting, never the less. Description: Few books have sought to


(late) Book Announcement: Psychological Analyses and the Historical Jesus: New Ways to Explore Christian Origins

I know it’s late and all, but this might be of some interest: Since Albert Schweitzer’s monumental work, nearly a

Christian Education

Why Tenure is needed for Academic Institutions

Maybe the supposed date of a given biblical writing, maybe some judgement about the genre of a writing or passage,


Call for Abstracts: A “Supernatural” History of Central Europe, 1870-Present

We seek abstracts from scholars interested in exploring the new spiritualities, unique metaphysical experiences and practices, and novel explanations of

Society and Religion

Egypt set to become a nation of necrophiliacs

Egypt’s new Islamist-dominated parliament is preparing to introduce a controversial law that would allow husbands to have sex with their