Hey, thanks for selling 17 year olds for sex. I hope you go to hell

Those shoes are a painful reminder of how she was coerced into selling her body for sex by an older

Religion and Politics

If you think Mike and Ike (candy, dude, candy) symbolize Gay divorce, you may in fact be…

Tony Perkins. What? No, seriously. He said this: These days, you can’t get a sugar high without experiencing a cultural


Learn Orality and Aurality with American Pie

Um, no, neither the movie nor the pastry treat, but the song: A lot of hidden meaning to the song.


I’m a Historical Hillel Mythicist

I mean, if we are going to start chunking out the window history and methods long standing, I’m going to

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Blogging my Book: Wavering on the Historical Jesus

I’m just not sure how important the notion of the Historical Jesus is in the Gospels… What? Did my title


Pick a side, Tom – Part II

Tom writes, It just so happens I think that some (please note: someā€“not all, not most) mythicists have sounder arguments

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Blogging my Book: The Complete Stupidity of Audience of Mark’s Gospel

I mean us, of course. Not the original audience. If even half of the orality-aurality which lies behind Mark’s Gospel


Mythicist Picture of the Day – 2

No doubt this will cause some issue, but I’ve chosen this picture of the sick, twisted, killer from before, long