I kid you not… only in West Virginia

An Alum Creek man found wearing lingerie as he stood next to the carcass of a goat would stand trial

Society and Religion

Why is it, if the Tomb does (doubtful) picture Jonah that it points to Christianity?

Prof. April DeConick concludes, With this find, we have some type of Jew in the first century for whom the


In honor of #GC2012, a book announcement…. Adam’s Gift, but “Mr.” Jimmy Creech

The United Methodists are going to have their general conference next week, or something like that. This is one United

Society and Religion

Man sakes alive, you mean King David was a real live dude? (Khirbet Qeiyafa)

Michael Barber has a post up about the Historical King David, and thus the Historical Judah… no doubt something that

Society and Religion

My kids have better random squiggles than the Jonah Ossuary

Skeptics are calling the new claim “Rorschach test archaeology.” Steve Caruso, a professional translator who analyzes inscriptions on ancient artifacts


Quote of the DECADE: Jason E. Vickers

I am more troubled by what United Methodists will not be talking about at General Conference. For example, what are

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Carrier’s Argument from Ignorance

Carrier has a review up on Bart Ehrman’s book on the historical Jesus. I haven’t yet read it yet, as


Can the Autodidact be Good Scholars?

I remember, and I can’t find the name, of a 16th or 17th century Englishman who was self-taught in Greek