No worries, that dirty illegitimate Jew is still dead

That will show him to challenge the Empire. Now, to kill his students… Calling Saul… Calling Saul…

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This quote too…

In argument, truth always prevails finally; in politics, falsehood always. -Walter Savage Landor I’m looking for quotes to head my


What Constitutes a Biblical Scholar?

Is it a phd? A book? Presenting at a professional conference? A new discovery? Knowing stuff? An agenda? Thoughts?

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Why I’ll watch “Jesus Christ Superstar” again this Easter

There’s a new production of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway. And it’s Easter weekend. So I thought it might be


Farrer on the middle road of Myth

The first sense of myth we have to consider stands for something which no mind, whether modern or ancient, ought


Was Bultmann sorta right? I mean, is there a certain element of mythology in the New Testament?

All this is the language of mythology, and the origin of the various themes can be easily traced in the