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Wonka has something to say to the Mythicists


This is why I don’t have to get involved with the Historical Jesus debate

Carrier describes as “Ehrman’s only evidence” Paul’s reference in Galatians to having met “James the brother of the Lord.” He


Excuses, excuses – that’s really all Presuppositionalism is

Kevin DeYoung quotes Moises Silva: In contrast , I want to argue not only that the exegete may address theological

Religion and Politics

#TrayvonMartin and the Porch Monkey Hunting Joke

Friends, don’t think I usually speak like this, but I wanted to bring to your attention a long standing “joke”


Thought this was interesting – Modern Jewish views on the Messiah

Mayim Bialik: As a scientist and an observant Jew, I think a lot about the Messiah. The broad concept of