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Does God have a PhD?

Does God have a PhD? Why God doesn’t have a PhD: • He had only one major publication. • It


Winn, Mark, Mimesis, and a Hopeful SBL Presentation

Dr. Adam Winn’s second book, to the right, has been reviewed for RBL by Dean Deppe, of Calvin Theological Seminary.


Adam’s Uncle, twice removed, by his first marriage, found in China

The fossilised remains of stone age people recovered from two caves in south west China may belong to a new

Society and Religion

Christian Piatt – leaving the church… young adults….

He gives seven reasons, but two are important: We’re Distracted: I shared a video by Diana Butler Bass in a

Religion and Politics

I do think that more people need monarchs

A Prince in Germany agrees… Speaking in Thursday’s edition of Die Zeit newspaper, Philip stressed that a monarch would be financially independent


Working on a paper – The Rise of American Fundamentalism

This paper will examine the rise of American fundamentalism, specifically as an outgrowth of American revivalism beginning in the 19th