Embodied Memory – Caroline J. Simon

Simon suggests that casual sex is actually worse than long-term committed sex. Her rationale is that if sex is like


Religious Leaders and their Symbolic Garments

Enclothed cognition means that clothes can exert influence on the way the wearer feels, thinks, and behaves through the symbolic


Luther, Erasmus and Bondage – Quick Thoughts

Introduction: The 1525 response by Martin Luther to the previous year’s earnest proposal by Erasmus, our prince of humanism, is


What is your sexual lens? @ivpress

Covenantal Lens: Sexual intercourse forges a permanent bond between twopeople that is intended as a representation of God’s covenantal relationship withGod’s


Praise for Bringing Sex into Focus @ivpress

“Caroline Simon defends sexual integrity, but that’s not her sole intention. With clarity and care Simon describes cultural lenses used