Religion and Politics

Someone at the @whitehouse was visiting my blog today! @PressSec @BarackObama

Want to help? Visit here and email them saying that the President should accept my offer to interview him….  

Religion and Politics

Meir Dagan, ex-Mossad head, says don’t bomb Iran

Meir Dagan has been described as “hard-charging” and “stops at nothing.” For more than eight years, Dagan made full use

The Mystics

Mystic Mondays: The Cloud of Unknowing

LOOK up now, weak wretch, and see what thou art. What art thou, and what hast thou merited, thus to


Can you be a chaste Christian and still have sex outside of marriage? @ivpress

Before I proceed, let me suggest you consider two things… But I’ll get to that in a minute. Simon, in

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Is the Roman Catholic Church a bunch of bigots? @ivpress

Simon makes the solid case that Rome is not. Let me tell you how she gets to this conclusion, especially in light