Society and Religion

More Stupid TV Shows Based on Stupid Interpretations of Scripture and History

In a nutshell: Carter (Max Thierot) is an astrophysicist whose estranged father dies while trying to assassinate a U.S. senator


Quote of the Day: Cessationism and C. Marvin Pate

Pate writes, In my opinion, I fear that the skepticism of miracles espoused by Hume and others undergirds the cessationist’s

Religion and Politics

Not really breaking news: United States Senator misunderstands Scripture and Climate Change

I love this: Eliason: Senator, we’re going to talk about your book for a minute, you state in your book


Book Announcement: Die Zeloten by Martin Hengel (3rd Edition) @eisenbrauns

This looks great…. This new edition of Martin Hengel’s classic Die Zeloten (ET The Zealots , 1989) makes a seminal


$imcha proves why he is not a real archeologist

Yeah… that’s a real one alright… “neither an archaeologist, nor an academic.” (Simcha Jacobovici, “The Nails of the Cross: A