The only canonical resource you need. EVER

Thanks to Dr. Michael Barber for providing this… Although… I don’t see the Psalms of Solomon….


John Piper’s fuzzy logic on natural disasters

John Piper is, by all accounts, an intelligent person, so I remain mystified by the lapses in logic he displays


Book Announcement: A Commentary on the Psalms, Volume 1: 1-41 by Allen P. Ross @kregelbooks

This looks to be an interesting book from Kregel – and it seems to be Old Testament day at the


Blogging Through “Justification: Five Views” Roman Catholic View @ivpacademic

Here we are—the last entry in our survey of IVP Academic’s Justification: Five Views. In a way, this final essay


Review: The Character of Our Discontent

A retired Bishop once reminded me that more often than not, pastors who use the Revised Common Lectionary will preach

Gender Issues

Sorry Wallybear, but Rush Limbaugh is not a prophet

Wallace Henley, a teaching pastor at Houston’s 59,000-member Second Baptist Church, writes, Enter Rush Limbaugh. While the famed broadcaster was


Speaking of the power of music….

After listening to Bruce Springsteen and the White Stripes, the students handed most of the money to white people. ‘Rock

Religion and Politics

Yeah… Gay marriage and the 1st amendment

Luther had something similar you know… Two Kingdoms