$imcha gives a prime example of the Theory of Motivated Reasoning

Here… Here he points out that if someone would just give him sound correction, he’d listen, but since so many


Are the Gospels Parables? New book by Crossan @harperone

So my area of academic study, and I hope, academic writing (although I would also like to write to connect

Society and Religion

$imcha, in 2007, “prophesied” regarding the “Apostles’ Tomb”

Guess what…. From the youtube page… While looking for the Jesus family tomb, movie maker Simcha Jacobovici tells us how


‘Jesus Tomb’ objects coming to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

Objects from what has been called the “Jesus Family Tomb” are coming to the Franklin Institute in May. Among them


I’m going with hype and speculation for $imcha

Dr. Cargill and others have been buys debunking the latest pre-Easter hype from Simcha and Associates (Archeologists and Photoshoppers, Inc).

Gender Issues

You fight like a girl!

Whew… Glad those guys were there for that… ht to BJB on FB


Understanding Philosophy helps with Iconoclasm

I have no general problem with icons. I have one, after all, on my ipad, and my laptop screen contains


More from the Zondervan and Thomas Nelson merger – The MacArthur NIV Study Bible

You know how I feel about Christian publishing houses as ruled by Murdoch, especially when you consider that 50% of