Attempted Tomb Robbers uncover Second Temple Jewish Ritual Bath

Of all the things… The suspects also managed to uncover a Jewish ritual bath that dates from the time of the Second


Jodi Magness on what a real archaeologist is (Talpiyot Tomb)

Professor ]] takes aim at the “discovery:” As a professional archaeologist, it pains me to see archaeology hijacked in the


New Site to report Looted Items from Archaeological Sites

You can find it here.

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The Jesuits Break Ranks with the Vatican over Birth Control

This was brought out by my friend in Louisiana, the good one and not the one in Hammond who never

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Maybe Tabor and Simcha should have had a Greek editor

Regarding the reading of line two, I must  emphasize that I do not consider the reading “Yahweh” (i.e., the Greek


John Meunier – Theologically Passionate

Tell me a time when the church has been vibrant — not this or that congregation blessed by a charismatic

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$imcha’s di$covery of Je$u$

On the in which ]] and Simcha’s book is released, the Huffington Post has decided to run a story featuring

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What exactly did John F. Kennedy say in his religion and politics speech?

This: Rev. Meza, Rev. Reck, I’m grateful for your generous invitation to speak my views. While the so-called religious issue