Religion and Politics

More Hypocrisy from the GOP on the Birth Control issue

The New Hampshire Republicans aren’t exactly known for their sanity… But now they, like others, are being known for their


Safe and Sound, Appoggiatura, Semiotics, and the Gospel

This is the theme song for the new movie, The Hunger Games… involving an Appalachia of the Future: I remember


No!!!!!!! Darwin proved right!

The first primitive cells germinated in pools of condensed vapour caused by underground hot water or steam bubbling near the

Religion and Politics

Justice Scalia and the Contraception Debate

There is a book floating around about the ]] in this country. You should pick it up… Until then, check

Gender Issues

If you are a woman, and wear a military uniform, it’s not rape because you asked for it

I don’t know what to say…   ERIC SHAWN (co-anchor): So this is now causing a controversy? LIZ TROTTA (Fox

Society and Religion

Agreed! Stop Abusing “Biblical”

How did this problem arise? Here’s my theory. One of Satan’s greatest victories in the American evangelical church has been

The Mystics

Mystic Monday: Julian Norwich’s God of Love

These Revelations were shewed to a simple creature unlettered, the year of our Lord 1373, the Thirteenth day of May. Which


Should we divorce Jesus from Judaism and marry him to the Greeks?

What the Jewish Jesus believed, Joel L. Watts, got him killed by the Jews. “What is this, a new teaching?” they