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My wife went with some of the United Methodist Women last night… I took the kids out. Went to McDonalds….

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Kathleen Sebelius, Catholic, Pro-Choice, and the Expectation of the HHS Rule

Before Gov. Sebelius became Secretary of Health and Human Services which was an acknowledged proponent of women’s reproductive rights. She was Catholic. And she


(United Methodist) Theological Thursdays – Our Doctrinal History

This is not a statement of fact, but opinions of a first timer reading the Book of Discipline of the


In the Mail: Commentary on Jeremiah (Ancient Christian Texts) @ivpacademic

This is going to be awesome… Thanks to Adrianna at IVP-Academic for this, and indeed, for all of her work


The Code… (@JohnPiper, @PastorMark)

Hope over to Kregel for the full preview and an excerpt, but these two chapters look interesting: I will treat

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A Rebellious Son and The Prodigal Son

The Law required a father to kill a wayward son. A Rebellious Son 18 If someone has a stubborn and