That thing about vocational stewardship

Let’s stop asking our bankers, engineers and artists for their canned goods and used clothes instead of their unique vocational


Justification: Five Views – Progressive Reformed @ivpacademic (Joel)

Bird, so far, is the only one to mention the role which the atonement plays into justification. His writing style


Struggling with my call

Last April Fool’s Day, as you may remember, I posted that I had accepted the call to go into ministry.


The Peace Prayer (of St. Francis)

Historically, this cannot be traced to St. Francis, but to 1912. I will be teaching a class this Lenten season


“Justification: Five Views:” The Traditional Reformed View @ivpacademic

Michael Horton is nothing if not honest. In the very first paragraph of his defense of the Traditional Reformed View


What you are about to see, doesn’t exist and never has although we can see it

The larger, host galaxy, NGC 4449, may be “something of a living fossil,” representing what most galaxies probably looked like shortly after

Religion and Politics

Santorum – many Christians wrong about birth control

“We’ll repeal Obamacare and get rid any idea that you have to have abortion coverage or contraceptive coverage,” he said.

Religion and Politics

Santorum is bunkers, or, why we need a Dr. Robert Cargill Presidency

Rick Santorum needs to learn the difference between the loss of a previously exclusive privilege and persecution. Asking people of