Liturgy and Worship

This is not what I intend by “Praying the Book of Revelation,” at least not for my book

I have a project which I hope to get published one day… it involves turning the book of Revelation into


What? We can blame the fundamentalists for Historical Criticism?

You have to read Craig Adams’ post. It is good stuff… but to quote, “For what is today called historical-critical

Liturgy and Worship

Revelation as Liturgy: Sanctus and the Book of Revelation

    3. Sanctus and Revelation. Therefore, Sanctus and the book of Revelation are very important in defining the character of christian worship.

Liturgy and Worship

Revelation as Liturgy: Eastern Orthodox Worship – Gray

The Revelation to John makes dramatic use of the rich symbolism of the sacrificial ritual of the Jewish temple. A

Liturgy and Worship

Revelation as Liturgy: The Mass

Obviously, I have some theological, slightly, issues with some of the takes on this video, but I thought I’d post


A Eucharist between Christmas and Easter

I’m not going to write a lot about this, but this is just something I wanted to jot down. I

John Wesley

Wednesdays with Wesley – From the Sermon, “Awake, Thou That Sleepest”

But know ye not, that, however highly esteemed among men such a Christian as this may be, he is an