Quote of the Day: Attempting to be more Christlike @kregelbooks

‎”There may well be a Baptist grasp on the biblical worldview that differs from the Presbyterian grasp and from the

Gender Issues

Masculine Christianity sees women only as wives and mothers, only as sexualized objects

The other day, I posted on the words of John Piper who called Christianity masculine. Tim Gombis, Rachel Held Evans, JDR

Religion and Politics

Sieg Heil, Ron Paul!

I’m sure that there is something about a conspiracy to bring Ron Paul down (as if you actually need it),


Book Announcement: The Return of the Chaos Monsters: and Other Backstories of the Bible @eerdmansbooks

This is going to be a fantastic book! Gregory Mobley plunges beneath the Bible’s surface to reveal its “backstories” —

Church History

Friday with the Fathers: Polygamy

The first quote is from Justin who is accusing the Jews of his time of being polygamists. He was, of


Finally, something free from Brill

From Dr. Brady: After careful consideration, Brill has taken the initiative of designing a typeface. Named “the Brill”, the new typeface

Society and Religion

About the Connection: The Call to Action edition of Circuit Rider Magazine now available

I’m a United Methodist… you may not be, and that is, frankly, the peril of your own soul. I mean,


Calming Jesus the Lamb

St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort was a prolific writer on devotions to Mary the mother of Jesus. In his Secret