(United Methodist) Theological Thursdays: 101 – Our Doctrinal Heritage

You can find pdfs of the Book of Discipline hereĀ and remember, this is just me going through it. I don’t

Society and Religion

Hopeful Signs at TGC?

Unbelievable as it sounds, this post is about The Gospel Coalition, but is about neither Mark Driscoll nor John Piper

Religion and Politics

Dear GOP, if Trump’s endorsement matters, you don’t.

Businessman and reality TV personality Donald Trump is endorsing Mitt Romney in the race for the 2012 Republican nomination, sources


Speaking of humility… How many mistruths can you spot?

Jason cites a ‘review‘ (polemical responses aren’t reviews; they are sad instances of someone defending their own presuppositions against anything


If only I lived in Iowa…. Dr. Cargill to speak on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Robert C. Cargill, UI Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious Studies, will present a three-part series on the Dead Sea


Review: Christopher Bryan, The Resurrection of the Messiah

With a special thanks to John C. Poirier for this review: Christopher Bryan, The Resurrection of the Messiah (Oxford: Oxford


I’m going to watch “Genesis to Jesus” with Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine

This looks fantastic….


Book Announcement: Christian Contours: How a Biblical Worldview Shapes the Mind and Heart @kregelbooks

My friends, you’re going to think that I’ve lost it, but I do think that a Christian worldview is important