Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons: Chapters 5-7

Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons by Russell Pregeant Here’s the conclusion of my look at Reading the Bible

Religion and Politics

Another problem with the American Democratic Experiment

Voting Blocs. As Fox News is reporting: Florida voting blocs nearly as numerous as Sunshine State’s media markets Goes something


Quick thoughts, Two Chapters: Justification, Five Views @ivpacademic

Justification is a scary word for many Christians. They simply digest the word with no thought, purposely so, as to


Why Peter Enns dissed Adam

I know many Christians who understand the scientific issues and are convinced that evolution explains human origins. They are looking


Another Earth, Jeremiah 29.10-14, and being redeemed when we go off the plan

This is just something I’ve been pondering, and contains incomplete thoughts… If you haven’t seen the movie, then you regardless


Welcome to…. Unsettled Christianity

I’ve changed the URL from to Lots of reasons, but mainly because its time to finally leave the

The Mystics

Mystic Monday: Julian of Norwich, All Shall be Well

Short narration of selected lines from chapter 27 of the book by Mother Julian, medieval Christian contemplative: Revelations of Divine

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Purified by the blood of Jesus

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his