General Conference 2012 #UMC Legislative Agenda – Something I like

You can find all the legislation here: General Conference 2012 Advance Edition Daily Christian Advocate (ADCA) – Going through


argumentum ex silentio – The Senselessness of “Inerrancy of the Autographs”

In reading Vick’s work, about the way Adventists have had to redefine what ‘soon’ means in their eschatology, it came


Chris Tilling on “Plain Sense”

It’s poss(ible) to make the “plain sense” of scripture txts say almost anything about who God is, and so “plain


Polkinghorne on the Virgin Birth

Luke, very explicitly in his story of the Annunciation (1.34-35), and Matthew, more obliquely (1.18), both assert the virginal conception


A New-to-Me Science and Theology Blogger

Let me make it clear from the beginning that I do not believe that for theology to be intellectually acceptable


Friday with the Fathers: Augustine on “Inerrancy”

Simple exercise…. how do you read Augustine here? Augustine (354-430):¬†For it cannot be remotely possible that the authority of the