The Bible is the Mark of the Beast!

Yay for biblical literacy! THE BIBLE IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST You don’t have to be smart to know


Warfield, great guy and all, but he worked backwards as well

When you start with a conclusion, something like ‘The bible is the Word of God,’ and attempt to defend it,


Plutarch and θεόπνευστος

In a recent conversation, one which I’m not going to link to because, well, every challenge presented, even in the

Christian Education

Indiana’s Senate Education Committee sends Creationism Legislation to Senate Vote

Ever notice how all the wrong people are put in charge of all the wrong things? Indiana’s Senate Education Committee,

John Wesley

(United Methodist) Theological Thursday: Our Doctrinal Heritage

In our Sunday School class, we are exploring the Book of Discipline, the covenant which makes us United Methodists… I


Interview with Dr. Allan Bevere

I had the pleasure of reading Dr. Bevere’s book, ]], as well as have having breakfast with him at SBL


Review: The Adventists’ Dilemma @energion

While this book is entitled “The Adventists’ Dilemma,” and indeed, very much geared to the various Adventists groups, at the


Review: The Politics of Witness

A timely book, Dr. ]], a United Methodist pastor and professional fellow at Ashland Theological Seminary, issues a call to