Peter Leithart, Peter Enns, and just not getting it.

Jason alerted me to this post from ]] objecting to ]]’ recent work on the ]]. Jason believes that Leithart

Religion and Politics

I bet Christian is proud of Jan Brewer

Why? Because the Governor who has admitted to lying about immigrants got to I’ve the President the what-for: “He was


More, or a little, on Semiotics and Mimesis @ivpacademic

I hear that I will be able to interview Crystal L. Downing… But, even if not… I wanted to touch


Do you really hear.

I often think about ‘hearing’ and what it means to truly hear. The following paragraph is from this post here 


Pope Creates Philosophical Bridge between Science and Theology

Pope Benedict XVI launched a new foundation at the Vatican aimed at building a “philosophical bridge” between science and theology.


God’s world is awesome: New discovery on the chemical origins of life

A team led by Dr Paul Clarke in the Department of Chemistry at York have re-created a process which could


Quote of the Day: Faith and Facts

“Faith has degenerated into the confident belief in certain facts, and a poverty-stricken hope for the next world” – Moltmann


“No one can come to the Father but by me” – Mark Driscoll, 3:16

The hubris of Driscoll knows no bounds… the man is hardly a pastor, but more like a dictator. Further, the