Dr. James McGrath, Tony Breeden, Ken Ham….

I want to touch on this again… dead horse and all… When you begin to read Scripture with presuppositions, you

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Thanks, Darick!

Darick, a new friend and the youth leader at Christ Church, got me this for my birthday!


Book Announcement: Changing Signs of Truth: A Christian Introduction to the Semiotics of Communication @ivpress

As one who believes that Mimesis underlies everything, the study of semiotics is essential. I’ll try to connect the two


Maybe the Mission (Statement) of the UMC has led to decline

Based on this “Great Commission,” our United Methodist Church has stated its purpose: “The mission of the Church is to


Who Accepted Who?

I am a pet kinda guy. Not so much dogs; more like cats. Cats are just awesome, and if you

The Mystics

Mystic Monday: Julian of Norwich

I’ve become real interested lately in the tradition of Mystics in the Church. From Bruno to Norwich and beyond, they