10 – 12 February 2012 — Evolution Weekend

I’ve never really been a supporter of this – and I’m not a pastor to make these decision – but


Zimmerman disputes the rise of YEC among clergy

A biologist with scientific interest in the evolution-creation debate attributed a recent LifeWay Research poll reporting that three-fourths of Protestant

Religion and Politics

So long, Jon Huntsman

While winning many high profile endorsements, even in South Carolina as recently as yesterday, Jon Huntsman is dropping out and


An Apology to Commenter Tom Finland aka “Father” Robert

Made ya look! NSFW   The disreputable dilettante Tom Finland, that famous Irishman who pollutes every biblioblog with his homoerotic

Christian Education

A Significant (?) Blow Against Creationism in Britain

Richard Dawkins’s theological/philosophical dilettantism aside, I would gladly hoist a pint in celebration with him over this news: Leading scientists

Religion and Politics

It’s time that all good people come to the aid of their country… Stephen Colbert

Whatever you may say about Colbert – he’s a comedian, a Catholic, a white guy, a guy with a funny

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Good Morning!


The only response needed to the whole Love Jesus but Hate Religion thing

Saw this on Facebook this morning…. this is about the only thing you’re going to get from me on the