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“Strategic Advice for Egalitarians”, or “On Showing Up”

Otherworldly visions of sexual indiscretions aside, this was easily the most bizarre passage from the first chapter of ]]’s new


The Keepers of the Herd of Swine by T. H. Huxley

A friend of mine, knowing my thesis work in Mark 5… You can find the complete work here. Anyway, I’m


He blogs…

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hauge at the last SBL (the one in San Francisco, where I was

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More Tim #Tebow 3:16 #tebow316

So… I figured since everyone else was going right for John 3.16 as the key verse which Tebow’s yards represent,


More Zany discoveries by Scientists of things which never happened – Dark Matter Map

Astronomers have created a vast cosmic map revealing an intricate web of dark matter and galaxies spanning a distance of

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Gundry’s Commenty on Ephesians, for free

Looks like Robert Gundry’s Commentry on Ephesians is free, today, only, on, Kindle, so, go, get, it…. … Shouldn’t a


Addicts as… @ivpress

Addiction is in fact a kind of embodied cultural critique of modernity and the addict a kind of unwitting modern