Religion and Politics

Um, dude… Ron Paul calls out Rick Santorum on his Cafeteria Catholicism #burn

But the problem with Santorum is he picks and chooses when to stick to his Catholic faith. The Vatican is

Religion and Politics

I wish the Left would stop being hypocrites

“He’s not a little weird, it’s that he’s really weird,” Robinson said of Santorum. “And some of his positions he’s

Religion and Politics

New Hampshire Republicans tired of the Constitution, going back to the 13th century Magna Carta

Ahhhh…. New Hampshire just jumped the shark -Legislators now have to justify many new bills with a direct quote from the 800-year-old


What do you pray and how do you pray?

Every Christian I know believes that prayer is important. In one way or another, we all pray. I believe that

Religion and Politics

Be Thou…

Rop tú mo baile, a Choimdiu cride… Be thou my vision, Oh Lord of my heart… Of Lord of my


Speaking of Young Earth Creationists and Cognitive Dissonance

Okay, so this is a bit old (not even a month at this, really), but I wanted to show you


Radical Liberal Ken Ham’s Definition Problem

Dr. and perhaps Reverend (since he has a Phd in experimental nuclear physics from Duke and a MDiv from Emory) Paul Wallace,