Spoiler Alert: Pat Robertson knows who the next President will be

God told him so you see. Don’t believe me? Read the quote for yourself, Sally Skeptic: “I think He showed


Sometimes, you can be too “pious”

Modesty taught me that I was always on display. There was no occasion in which it was acceptable to be


Two Books you should buy, Now.

In no particular order – This one: Can Christianity and evolution coexist? Traditional Christian teaching presents Jesus as reversing the

Religion and Politics

Ron Paul, a Christian Reconstructionist?

To understand Paul’s religious-right support, it’s necessary to wade a bit into the theological weeds. Most American evangelicals are premillennial

“Joel Osteen you need to repent”

Street preaching to Joel Osteen. “Turn to Jesus Christ sir, while you can. Joel Osteen, you need to repent. You

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The WKRP parody of Jerry Falwell

In the WKRP in Cincinnati episode “Clean Up Radio Everywhere”, Dr Bob Halyers, (an apparent parody of extreme conservative pastor