Chapter 3: Scripture and the Authority of God: How to Read the Bible Today

Scripture and Jesus. Ump. That should be pretty easy. I mean, Jesus quoted lots of Scripture and helped to write

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Giveaway: The African Memory of Mark: Reassessing Early Church Tradition

This is a great book, of which I will be sharing more of my reflections and internal dialogue next week.

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Review: God Wins: Heaven, Hell, and Why the Good News Is Better than Love Wins

I purchased this book. My review was unrequested. While I favor Tyndale, finding the people who work there and who


God Wins Chapter 8 – Well…

No doubt, in reading my other reviews of Mark’s book, you will have detected that I might not like what


Exploring Mimesis – The New Critical Idiom, Aristotle’s Poetics

As a reminder, I am reading several books on mimesis for my upcoming thesis work. This is not a review