Michael Bird on the Eucharist

It is genuinely sad that this meal, which is meant to be a sign of unity within the church, has


Roger E. Olson on the “minor heresy” of universalism

I think universalism is a minor heresy SO LONG AS it does not interfere with evangelism. (See my earlier post


For Discussion… Fundamentalists have no interest in history

Fundamentalists have no interest in history, culture or social or linguistic differences. They are a remarkably uncurious, self-satisfied group. Anything


Picking up on the New Apostolic Reformation

First, read this nice little essay on the New Apostolic Reformation, led by C. Peter Wagner. Personally, this is nothing

Religion and Politics

Maybe Rodney’s right – End the Prez

A little while ago, Rodney posted his thoughts on ending the American system of Representative Government and adopting the British