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Going to See Captain America

I usually don’t broadcast my visual viewing plans, but I feel like I need to make a confession. Does that

Religion and Politics

Would Fox News Lie and Play up the ‘Christ’ Card about Campus Crusade for Christ?

Surely not, you say, but surely, I say, they did. First, their story, entitled, Campus Ministry Drops ‘Christ’ From Name.


Joel, as seen on Family Guy

Tom has sort of started a meme. Of course I don’t watch Family Guy because it is a vile and


Anti-Rape Laws will prevent God from blessing America – Ron Hamman

From Wasilla, the bastion of American Theological Thought (ironically, it’s pretty close to Scott Bailey so I imagine that he

Society and Religion

#lovewins, #godwins, @harperone wins

Kevin has perhaps the best line of any review of Rob Bell’s Book… In the end, “Harper Wins” He goes