John Wesley

John Wesley on Purgatory (1)

From Sermon 112. 5. And in hell he lifted up his eyes.” — O, what a change! How is the


Another Blatantly False Notion of Historical Criticism

In the mind of author James Carroll, on the other hand, the book of Daniel was ÔÇťanonymously composed during the

Religion and Politics

Is Herman Cain Right?

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Cain said he came out against the Tennessee mosque after talking to members of that

Religion and Politics

Peter Kirk, David Wilkerson, the Tea Party, Sun-Tzu, and the Debt Ceiling

Peter Kirk connects a ‘prophecy’ from David Wilkerson to a British article on the expected End of the World brought


St. John of the Cross – Purgatory

For no apparent as of yet reason, I was reading a little of St. John of the Cross of purgatory