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Peter Kirk responds to Anthony Bradley

First, the post here which is taking on the article by Anthony Bradley calling out Rachel Held Evans for her


Bishop Kallistos Ware on Christus Victor in Eastern Orthodoxy

I have the book – haven’t read it yet, but I will – by ]] which is the book to


Marv, I hope Jim gives you a Dilly – A fundamentalist’s view of Historical Criticism

By far, this is the among the stupidist view of historical criticism that I’ve read. “Mary had a little lamb”


Quote of the Day: Context

No text is interpreted outside the reader’s context: Socio-political context, ethnic context, racial context, economic context… etc. – Crystal Lewis


I don’t believe in Earl Doherty(‘s Scholarship)

Because it is, well…. sort of like Fox News: The chapter gets several things right and mentions important information about


Digging through Mark’s Christology

While the Christology of Mark will not be my major focus in my upcoming thesis project, I will touch on