Religion and Politics

Murdoch and Zondervan, Scripture and Empire

I have written about this before, noting that unlike Thomas Nelson and Tyndale, Zondervan is owned by News Corp. Now,


God Wins Chapter 5 – The Pitfalls of Literalism

The hermeneutical trend of reading the bible in such a way as to take literal the words on paper allowing


Senter – More Creation Science Which Defeats Creationism: Flood Geology

Dr. Phil Senter writes, According to the young-earth creationist (YEC) paradigm, the narratives recorded in the biblical book of Genesis

Society and Religion

Star Trek had a God

Yesterday, I posted something on a documentry, and movement it seems, relating to people thinking that we are Cylons. (Read


2nd Temple artifacts flushed

Have the Tourism Ministry and the Jerusalem municipality buried treasures from the Second Temple under a giant lavatory? That possibility