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No, We are Not All Cylons

There is a new documentary coming out which many of us may enjoy which is highlighting the craziness associated with


John Loftus v. Jim West 2011

So, Jim posted something this morning calling for the death of atheists everywhere, including but limited to the practical ones.


John Wesley – We are all atheists, and some even ‘practical atheists’

This is the more easily done, because we are all by nature atheoi, Atheists, in the world; and that in


God Wins Chapter 4 – Calvinism ≠ Biblical, Galli’s view ≠ Bell’s words

I am hesitant to post such a title, especially about Calvinism, especially since I do think that Calvinism contains biblical


Torment In Enoch (1)

This is not meant to be all encompassing, but some of the passages in Enoch which allude to our notion

John Wesley

John Wesley on not sending the atheist and the Muslim to hell, but the Christian

From Sermon 125: From hence we may clearly perceive the wide difference there is between Christianity and morality. Indeed nothing

Society and Religion

Mark Driscoll’s sermon on the Song of Solomon

I am not a prude and I generally know how to read the Song of Solomon, but Mark takes it

Church History

Jan van Ruusbroec – Gentleness as a Virture

Blessed Jan van Ruusbroec (1293-1381), Canon Regular The Seven Degrees on the Ladder of Spiritual Love, chapter 4 “Take my