Society and Religion

Harry Potter is Satanic – Be Warned! Be Warned! Oh Deathly Hallows!

That’s right, Harry Potter is of the devil, satanic. It will corrupt your mind. Steal your soul. Cause your feet


David Lose: Biblical Origins

Why, the King James Version descended directly from the Throne… Actually, the author gives some decent answers: So then where


Daily Readings in the Canadian Patriot’s Bible, 1 Scott 3.16

Scott Bailey is a tormentor, a daily one, but this is in no way meant to be a dig at

Society and Religion

Catholic Church in Austria to become Methodist

Or at least it would seem… They have issued a Call to Disobedience which has as its points: to pray


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Society and Religion

I Support* Focus on the Family

This pretty well sums up what I’ve seen from Focus on the Family: “He wants to take Focus back to


Tom, Stephan Huller is not a biblioblogger (update)

I’ve dealt with Huller for a while a now. So, instead of coming to my blog and talking to me,