On George Whitefield’s Effeminacy @pastormark #manlymen

First, I would not mean to imply that George Whitefield was either gay or effeminate in the manner which Mark

Society and Religion

Dr. Robert R. Cargill, ’nuff said @pastormark #manlymen

Yesterday, led by Rachel Held Evans, Twitter, Facebook, and the Blogosphere erupted over the continued statements by Mark Driscoll. manI


Exploring Mimesis – The New Critical Idiom, Chapter 1 – Plato’s Joke?

I get this feeling that we are all, historically, being left out of Plato’s joke. In the Republic, Plato takes

Society and Religion

Please keep the Congregation of Fr. Ed Everitt in your prayers

There will be a memorial service, tonight, I am told for the pastor of Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Hammond,


Could the Gospel Stories be Vocational?

My MA(TS) Thesis will focus on mark 5.1-20, using rhetorical criticism to highlight the source material. I’m not really struggling


N.T. Wright on the Study of the Historical Jesus

I have a few of the skeptical friends of which Tom speaks of, and I think that all believers should