Will the real Trinitarian please stand up?

First, Nick has clearly stepped off the deep end in regards to a biblical framework by declaring everyone who doesn’t

Religion and Politics

Justice by the Mob

When we take polls on ‘justice’, and decide verdicts by majority, we run the risk of having no justice system.


The Manipulation of Our Tendency to Trust

The psychological processes are different. For familiar others, you recall a judgment (e.g., how much you trust them). For unfamiliar

Society and Religion

Bishops, nuns, rabbis and fracking

Bishops, nuns and rabbis are joining the environmental and social debate over natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale region,

Society and Religion

Corapi as the new Luther?

As Fr. Joe Jenkins says, what “really upsets me about this situation is how one segment of the Church is


Breaking: Jim West Admits God is a Methodist

Jim, via twitter: See, I told you so.

Society and Religion

The Depravity of Peter Lucas Moses

Jadon’s interaction with one of those children, prosecutors contended in court Friday, led to his death. Sometime in October 2010,


Question asked, question answered, but not: What is a Biblioblogger?

Steve promised new criteria some time ago and with the presence of someone like, well, I won’t mention the name,